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Comments by Christopher Duncan (Top 3 by date)

Christopher Duncan 11-May-11 11:57am View    
> Do you know the difference?

Nope. New to all this programming stuff.
Christopher Duncan 11-May-11 11:56am View    
Appreciate the help, man, but right clicking doesn't give me anything. Didn't notice the drop down at the top of Properties, thanks for that. However, (currently working on a master page), it just shows the top level containers, e.g. content, and not those nested within which I'm trying to select.

I did find a workaround using the split design / source view. In source view I can highlight the code and it becomes selected in the designer. A hack, but it seems that a hack may be required.
Christopher Duncan 14-Jul-10 11:04am View    
Reason for my vote of 1
Databases are not in common environment, but thanks!