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Tom Deketelaere 9-Aug-16 8:02am View    
Might want to clarify that 'OP' in this case is the OP from the abusive answer in the other post.
As it stands I read it as if the OP from this question was being reported, and couldn't figure out why :)
Tom Deketelaere 6-Nov-14 15:18pm View    
I was afraid of that, ah well the client will just have to deal with the refresh of the matrix.
I refuse to write crappy and buggy javascript code (mostly cause I'm not skilled enough at it to do it correctly in javascript).
Tom Deketelaere 6-Nov-14 9:37am View    
The partialview option is something I'v been considering (but due to the complexity of the screen, this matrix isn't the only thing on it, isn't easy, yet not impossible). Though the client was pretty specific that he doesn't want the entire matrix to reload every time and with this I'd still have to do that.
I'm fairly certain that there is no other (clean and good) way to do it but since front end development isn't my strongest asset I did want to see if I wasn't missing something.
Tom Deketelaere 6-Nov-14 5:57am View    
I follow you on the views should be constructed / refreshed via re-rendering them. That's why I don't like the current implementation that does everything in javascript (and because it's buggy at best).

The UI representation is relatively simple.
Imagine a table where the cells only contain a combobox, and you have to be able to add/remove both rows and columns.
There is no Datagrid or anything else in it.
something like this (a bit hard to do in just text but ...):

button add row
button add column
button remove row
button remove column

I can do it (with ease) if I do a refresh of the view after each click on a button, but the client doesn't really like that solution (if I don't find anything better he will have to deal with it but wanted to see if there wasn't a better way)
Tom Deketelaere 5-Oct-11 5:03am View    
Your best bet is to query the table with a select and see if it returns anything.
Pseudo code:
"SELECT ipaddress FROM addresses WHERE ipaddress=@address"
(The @address is a parameter so you'll need to make a oledbparameter and add it to your command, this is to prevent sql injection)