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Comments by KarstenK (Top 200 by date)

KarstenK 30-Aug-23 1:36am View    
Google finds the ilmilf.lib here. What have you done?
KarstenK 28-May-23 14:59pm View    
Not a great idea, but a violation of SOLID-principle. (L)
Best is to use some enum value and a common class or disable some properties.
KarstenK 5-Mar-23 13:29pm View    
you missed the else and error handling. This wouldnt pass my code review ;-)
KarstenK 7-Feb-23 4:01am View    
I guess it is a relict from some previous code. Dig into your repo ;-)
KarstenK 26-Jan-23 10:44am View    
it is better to split such "code worm" in pieces for maintainability and bug hunting.