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Comments by Steve Maier (Top 110 by date)

Steve Maier 10-May-13 14:00pm View    
CAn you get the source code for the Financial.dll and then remove the things that are not WinRT compliant?
Steve Maier 26-Feb-13 11:22am View    
And your question is??
Steve Maier 21-Feb-13 17:10pm View    
Another thing that it could be is Symantec Auto-Protect. I am actually seeing that at work today. I am testing with putting my source code folder as an exception to the Auto-Protect. I don't see this at home because I use Vipre there and not Symantec.
Steve Maier 18-Jan-13 16:27pm View    
You have to look at the license that he original project is using. You might have to give all of your source code away, or have it available if someone wants it. You may be forced to use a particular license because the original did. Read up on what the license is for that project and see what you can do. All of the licenses are abit different.
Steve Maier 18-Jan-13 16:18pm View    
What open source license are you asking about? Each of them is abit different.