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Smithers-Jones 16-Jan-12 7:32am View    
Reported for abuse.
Smithers-Jones 16-Jan-12 7:31am View    
Not a specific question, not suitable for Q&A.
Smithers-Jones 16-Jan-12 7:29am View    
Codedump, no question -> reported and downvoted.
Smithers-Jones 12-Jan-12 5:00am View    
It looks like you have no clue what you are asking. Peer-to-peer is a distributed aplication architecture, and therefore something abstract, not some programme, than can be shared.
Maybe you should start with the basics:
Smithers-Jones 12-Jan-12 4:54am View    
"Now we are again having this problem its repeating again and again any ideas what might be the problem." -
Since you didn't give any information at all, I can only conclude: You are doing it wrong.
That's the best you will get with your "description".