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BillWoodruff 2-Mar-23 8:36am View    
My apologies for a recent comment ... it has been removed. cheers, Bill
BillWoodruff 2-Mar-23 1:16am View    
You are writing code for QA posters, solving their homework problems, not guiding, or teaching, obviously confused newbies.

How much do you really need to build "reputation points" this way ? You are contributing to dependency, and, as you can see, in the OP's response to your solution, they may remain confused and "needy."
BillWoodruff 15-Feb-23 21:56pm View

BillWoodruff 23-Jan-23 21:10pm View    
BillWoodruff 23-Jan-23 21:07pm View    
I don't see any direct response to my comments, or the question I asked you.