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Comments by Perry Bruins (Top 28 by date)

Perry Bruins 5-Jun-13 9:27am View    

The code example is only there to show the USAGE of the RandomNumberGenerator class, which generates cryptograhically strong random numbers, what the OP asked for in my opinion.

By the way, this topix is already years old, so maybe your comment is of topic?

Regards, perry
Perry Bruins 4-May-11 4:40am View    
Can you try running your project in the debugger to see if any errors or exceptions are occurring. If that does not help, can you post a zip file of the solution including the project, so I can see if it occurs on my box too?
Perry Bruins 4-May-11 4:29am View    
What do you mean by "remote connection"? Default WPF projects do not have any "remote" capabilities
Perry Bruins 22-Apr-11 3:17am View    
Please show us the code, then we might be able to help
Perry Bruins 21-Apr-11 1:57am View    
Je ne parle pas francais... Pleease state your question in english