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rfl.souza 11-Mar-19 15:50pm View    
I tried a bit but it does not evolve, I was trying to trap it in HttpExtensionProc, and do the handshake with the libwshandshake lib. But the problem is to keep the socket connected and open the same communication channel :(

If you evolve into something, I'll be very grateful. where are you from? I'm from Brazil.
rfl.souza 28-Sep-18 8:57am View    
Hello, thank you for replying.

I use ISAPI extensively, creating my own APIs and responding to web requests.

I understand that I can not open another server on the same IIS port, so I wanted to use it inside ISAPI using pECB->ReadClient and pECB->WriteClient.

The idea is to use the websocket together in my WebAPI software.

One option would be to create Module for IIS, but I would have to change a lot in my program.

The only thing I found was this link: