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Comments by JacquesDP (Top 3 by date)

JacquesDP 6-Jan-12 4:22am View    
Is it only happening with one of your pages, or all your pages?

If it is only on one page I would suggest that you disable all the controls on the page, then run it again. If the page renders and you are no longer experiencing the postback effect, enable your controls on the page one by one and run each time to see if it one of your controls causing the problem.

If you experience the same problem with the blank page, but not on your other pages I would suggest you create a new page.
JacquesDP 6-Jan-12 3:36am View    
do you have any scripts on the page or a refresh meta tag that might be causing the postback to happen from the client side?
Something like this
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="8;url=">

Do you experience the same result on different browsers, or is it specific to one browser that this is happening?
JacquesDP 6-Jan-12 2:45am View    
Are you saying that you page postback is happening without you doing anything? almost as is the browser is causing a refresh by itself?