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Comments by skantg (Top 5 by date)

skantg 7-May-13 9:12am View    
this code is working from your machine and not after deploying on server.

Javascript is client side scripting language and depends on machine on which the code is being accessed through browser.

are you accessing this on your server itself? sometimes for security reasons, scripting is disabled on webservers. Try to test it by accessing the URL from some other machine.
skantg 9-Feb-12 3:30am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
a good tip, often needed.
skantg 28-May-11 10:06am View    
sorry to comment, but the clarity and relevence of answere is of same level as of your question.
skantg 23-May-11 7:30am View    
This one is perfect without any server side coding.
emptyDataTemplate take care of blank grid by itself.
skantg 9-May-11 4:53am View    
My five for to the point solution.