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Comments by Joe Woodbury (Top 29 by date)

Joe Woodbury 31-Jan-22 17:15pm View    
The issue aside, why not use int64_t?
Joe Woodbury 12-Oct-21 20:46pm View    
Joe Woodbury 12-Oct-21 20:46pm View    
Joe Woodbury 12-Oct-21 20:10pm View    
"The code on the page you linked would also fail my code inspection:"

You're being too kind. At quick glance, in addition to what you wrote:

Not using member initializers,
Not using const.
Not making data private.
Naming a variable 'T'
The use of raw 'new'
If actually used outside of 'main' code leaks
Joe Woodbury 31-Aug-21 4:41am View    
As a side note: int a[size]; is a non-standard GCC extension.

Using std::vector would also allow other advantages.