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bwhittington 6-Jan-12 13:04pm View    
First, what is your update panel doing? Are you doing async postbacks? If you are what is being performed on the postback? Also, I am not sure how your javascript code for your calculation is related to the ajax update panel. Could you please explain what your javascript needs to do and this relates with the ajax update panel?
bwhittington 6-Jan-12 7:35am View    
Thanks for your time on this! It really cleared the fog. I am not ready yet to go and start doing these calculations yet but I think I can hack my way through one if I see it. Much appreciated!
bwhittington 5-Jan-12 16:01pm View    
The query was already written and it works but I am having trouble understanding how it works because I have found I don't understand bitwise operators. I'll update my post to include that information. Thank you for your reply.
bwhittington 5-Jan-12 15:58pm View    
I am going to do some more studying on this tonight and tomorrow because I can't wrap my feeble brain around it. How did you know to use bit 3 and bit 4? Is it because 8 is the 3rd bit and 16 is the 4th bit on the binary scale? I feel like I am missing one piece of information before this puzzle makes sense.

I am sure you are giving me the correct answer because I did a select on the database to count all of the values that are "Flags & (8 | 16) = 16)" and none of the values I gave were in that list.
bwhittington 15-Mar-11 11:18am View    
Thank you for your response. I've worked with a couple of test questions using "Option 2" and I like the results. Unfortunately, I can't post my examples for others because its work related but hopefully your options help others as well.