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lingeswararaj.s 14-Jan-11 0:14am View    
IN that Articles given only for one detail section.. i Need one more "details b" with groupheadersection
lingeswararaj.s 14-Jan-11 0:12am View    
Hello Kasson,
I know add a details a and details b.After that how link with details A link with Groupheadersection1 And details B link with Groupheadersection2..

For Eg,

Groupheadersection1 has some heading like "Product", The Product details output are come in "Detail section a" , then i need 1 more "Groupheadersection2" and "Details section b", In that "Groupheadersection2" has Some heading like "Product Quarter Amount",Now i want to the output in "Detail Section B"... The Output look like below..
Product Amount Dateofsale

Detail section a
ProductA 500 13 01 2010
ProductA 500 13 02 2010
ProductA 500 13 03 2010
ProductA 500 13 04 2010

Product QuarterAmount

Detail section b
ProductA 1500

thanks in advance....