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moozzyk 7-Aug-13 0:57am View    
Hi Deepti,

Obviously ORMs will always add some overhead and sending SQL queries to the database will always be faster than using an ORM. On the other hand the overhead should not be prohibitive (30 secs feels prohibitive to me). To nail down the performance issue you need to identify which layer is causing the problem. You may not be able to tell where the problem is if you test end-to-end. I would start from creating a contained repro - a console, code first app that just sets up the model and sends a query to the database. If you have this you can create a work item on and report the issue. We do investigate performance problems/regressions. Finally, EF6 is now open source. You can try using EF6 instead of EF5. Since it is open source it is easier to profile/debug it. In addition, EF6 contains infrastructure for logging. It might be useful to tell whether the problem is in the EF or the database (btw. if the first query is slow but re-sending the same query is very fast than it most likely is an EF problem/misconfiguration).

moozzyk 11-Oct-11 1:57am View    
I think DebuggerDisplay and DebuggerTypeProxy attributes are better suited to display object information in the debugger
moozzyk 11-Oct-11 1:49am View    
You could probably mention the Type.IsAssignableFrom method for completness...