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Comments by SAMZCN (Top 2 by date)

SAMZCN 9-Sep-10 4:49am View    
Hello, Eugen. Thanks for your great idea.... :)

That's great!!! Really it works....Here is my overriding.

BOOL CWSOMDIFrameWndEx::OnCloseMiniFrame(CPaneFrameWnd* pWnd)
CWnd* pPane = pWnd->GetPane();
if (pPane)
// do semething here ...
virtual BOOL OnCloseMiniFrame(CPaneFrameWnd* pWnd) { return TRUE; }
return CMDIFrameWndEx::OnCloseMiniFrame(pWnd);

Have a good day!
SAMZCN 9-Sep-10 4:08am View    
Thanks. I will try it. It could improve the update performance. ;)