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StM0n 21-Sep-17 4:38am View    
Could you check your pasted source-code... is this how you wrote it? If yes, your class-declaration is outside the a-tag.
StM0n 1-Aug-17 1:08am View    
My guess would be, that txtEnter.Rows.Count is 1... have you checked?
StM0n 10-Jul-17 5:30am View    
Which error... there're some that could occur.

Sorry to ask, but are you aware of the circumstance, that your login functionality is open for sql-injection?!
StM0n 28-May-17 2:15am View    
Ah... covariant was the term I was looking for. Damn, too old to remember :)
StM0n 15-Feb-17 7:47am View    
So maybe you should do some tests with the conversion to obtain the right info :)