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Palavos 23-Sep-12 20:05pm View    
But I did. Take a look at the Solution I found and posted below.
Palavos 23-Sep-12 4:48am View    
But I do not want to do anything fancy here. There is only one thread that has to run and that is the computer thinking thread. I just want to update a textBox showing the words "Thinking..." before the computer starts thinking (or after the human player has played, I just want to update an image with the piece the human player moved, before calling the ComputerMove).

I have read articles stating that DoEvents is a bad idea, but they refer to having many chuncks of code doing things that could interfere. Not to having to update a textBox or an image just before you call one (just one) function. Surely I do not have to start a whole new thread just to update a textBox, do I? :)

I just hoped a presentation-oriented technology like Metro would have some inherent mechanisms to cover that simple case.

I did study some more and found out that you are right in the threading part: from the advent of Silverlight and WPF asynchronous calling of threads is the way to go for updating the UI.

Will try this way and tell you what happened.