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Comments by AndyHo (Top 2 by date)

AndyHo 7-Nov-11 23:14pm View    
Thanks, I always think (when my only neuron makes a synapse) that simple is better, twice as simple, twice as better!
Also give the chance to the "owners" of the platform (in this case the .net) by using their default methods.
As lots of people did cheer-ups to the .NET 1.0/1.1 platform which then were dumped as obsolete with the new 2.0 which is 2-9x times faster. Under the new .NET 4.0 you might use extension methods, but the efficiency is counterfeit to the easiness.
AndyHo 18-Jul-11 19:17pm View    
This method doesn't prevent multiple windows in the same browser!, nor detect many open browser windows on the same machine (I guess)! - enlighten me! pls.