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Salvatore Terress 26-Feb-24 14:06pm View    
This is no longer a simple problem.
I am moving it to "discussions".
Salvatore Terress 25-Feb-24 20:07pm View    
I did verify that "dbus.h" exist in my system.
As I( suspected - "dbus.h" header is a "wrapper" for many additional "incliude"......
and it fails to find very first
#include <dbus dbus-arch-deps.h="">

I went back to the source in github and cannot find dbus-arch-deps there

T tried to bypass #include <dbus dbus-arch-deps.h=""> but cannot in read only system file.

I may have to load my own copy of "dbus.h" so I can
, temporary, skip the "missing" header...
Salvatore Terress 24-Feb-24 12:29pm View    
No, I tried to install the first package mentioned in the doc
File Packages
/usr/include/core/dbus/dbus.h libdbus-cpp-dev
/usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus/dbus.h libdbus-1-dev

Let me try the other....

here it is !!

nov25-1@nov251-desktop:/usr/include/dbus-1.0/dbus$ ls
dbus-address.h dbus-macros.h dbus-protocol.h dbus-threads.h
dbus-bus.h dbus-memory.h dbus-server.h dbus-types.h
dbus-connection.h dbus-message.h dbus-shared.h
dbus-errors.h dbus-misc.h dbus-signature.h
dbus.h dbus-pending-call.h dbus-syntax.h

and after modification of the original "include" I now have "dbus.h"...
Salvatore Terress 24-Feb-24 11:55am View    
This is getting confusing

I look in /usr/include/core/dbus/dbus.h and found no such reference
I tried to install libdbus-cpp-dev in Ubuntu but "no such package..."
Salvatore Terress 24-Feb-24 11:12am View    
OK. I am making it too stupid - I can "include " it just like any other header.
I probably be netter off if I just copy it to my directory structure...