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Office Systems 27-Oct-23 5:02am View    
Thanks so much @Gerry Schmitz the idea seems to work, much appreciated ๐Ÿ‘
Office Systems 26-Oct-23 5:10am View    
Thanks so much @Member15627495 for your quick response however I'm so sorry for asking this can you please try to explain it in a more simple way so that I can get more clarification on how I can implement proper mechanism to handle the scenario.
Office Systems 26-Jun-23 14:37pm View    
I just want to count the results I can't return such data to the user there is no means I can count these values depending on these conditions provided @Richard MacCutchan?
Office Systems 26-Jun-23 12:49pm View    
The query returns more than 4 million rows @Gerry Schmitz
Office Systems 18-May-23 8:28am View    
The cors headers are configured by the spring boot project not the frontend app or calling site @Richard Deeming