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Comments by Auyik (Top 56 by date)

Auyik 5-Mar-23 20:50pm View    
Thanks! I got it :)
Auyik 5-Mar-23 20:49pm View    
I fixed it, thanks! My code is working now :)
Auyik 5-Mar-23 20:41pm View    
Thank you so much for your help. I hadn't any experience using "structs" in C... It's really cool! Your suggestion was super useful, thanks again :)
Auyik 27-Feb-23 20:06pm View    
I just updated the original code of this post so that you can see the changes I made
Auyik 27-Feb-23 17:56pm View    
Ok. I changed the way I'm printing the number of each kind of particle, the fullcells and availablecells at the end as the following:

For example, for the particle #1:

printf("particle1 = %d\n\n", psi.particle[0]);

But I get very large results, like #particle 3 = 21968, but that doesn't make sense.