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Comments by Ailiseu Brigitta (Top 44 by date)

Ailiseu Brigitta 7-Dec-22 4:38am View    
my doubt is how can i change (item.LastName )to (Item.firstname) by clicking the button i need to lastname as my default value
Ailiseu Brigitta 7-Dec-22 0:00am View    
sorry about that richard i got the answer so i didnt see the question i have posted
Ailiseu Brigitta 5-Dec-22 23:43pm View    
updated! can you please help me
Ailiseu Brigitta 5-Dec-22 8:23am View    
List<studentitem> studentlist = DataAccess.getallstudent(studentABC);

studentListView.ItemsSource = studentlist;
Ailiseu Brigitta 5-Dec-22 8:05am View    
my question is how can filter the student by student first name and display in a list