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Comments by Hans Dietrich (Top 123 by date)

Hans Dietrich 16-Jul-11 18:16pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5
This is such a great idea! Each category should have a Tip like this.
Hans Dietrich 21-May-11 22:14pm View    
Yes, and could you double-size me, too?
Hans Dietrich 20-May-11 19:19pm View    
I believe the OP is saying that he doesn't have a handle to the current app window, and therefore must pass NULL to MessageBox; this does *not* result in app-modal behavior, unless you use the option I mentioned.
Hans Dietrich 20-May-11 17:54pm View    
Yes, I think MessageBox will do what he wants, if he chooses the right set of options.
Hans Dietrich 20-May-11 8:32am View    
Please take a look at MB_TASKMODAL option of MessageBox().