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Comments by Lara Thomas (Top 9 by date)

Lara Thomas 20-Oct-22 16:27pm View    
Are you implying something like that?
Lara Thomas 13-Sep-22 17:02pm View    
I understand all of things. But I can't understand process. first I will take an array or two integer like int m,n; then I will go to the next part where I compare two number. Now this is my prblm where I can't understand. How will I compare two number ?
Lara Thomas 13-Jul-22 16:03pm View    
maybe I should try different way
Lara Thomas 13-Jul-22 15:57pm View    
yeah it's right. its overwritten every iteration
Lara Thomas 13-Jul-22 15:42pm View    
so how will you define the value of n?