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Comments by Rama Krishna Vavilala (Top 3 by date)

Rama Krishna Vavilala 13-Jan-11 18:34pm View    
If you can add code on the same application (GoldFire server), you can accomplish this by using ASP.NET modules.

What you need it to modify the web.config of the goldfire web application. Add an ASP.NET module to the web.config. In the module you can handle the MapRequestHandler event. In the that event assign your own handler and delegate to the old handler by altering the request parameters.

It si complex but doable, though I doubt I misunderstood your question.
Rama Krishna Vavilala 13-Jan-11 18:27pm View    
Do you have access to the server?
What will changing to ASP.NET give you?
Where are you going to write the code?
Rama Krishna Vavilala 5-Aug-10 20:46pm View    
May be not. As eventually someone has to iterate through that list (the implementation of Fill maybe). But overall I do not think performance is a major consideration here.

But it is elegant nonetheless. That is what I love about community coding :).