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VBeginner.NET 16-Oct-22 2:08am View    
I am putting the code as a response since this textbox does not seem to take anything other than plain text.
VBeginner.NET 26-Aug-21 4:02am View    
I must have been quite sleepy. I even saw this in a Google search but did not go to that page. At that time, I probably did not know that keywords is what I needed, not reserved words. But got it now.

Thanks for the help.
VBeginner.NET 26-Aug-21 2:11am View    
That page seems to show 171 keywords. What about Fortran? Is there any similar page for Fortran?
VBeginner.NET 26-Aug-21 0:38am View    
Of course not, and I am not programming in Fortran these days. I am just trying to compare the number of key words.
VBeginner.NET 20-Aug-21 6:21am View    
This sounds very interesting. This probably means that I can also compile the whole first project as a DLL (class library) and use that in the second one. But every time I make changes, I would have to compile the DLL again.