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Code Fan 2-Sep-21 13:55pm View    
You can try this list ( If you have all your media resources in a database, you can use Redis as well. I usually handwrite my own cache mechanism, because customization can sometimes be more complicated than writing it all from scratch.
Code Fan 2-Aug-21 13:19pm View    
Your JSON objects seem fine, as strings are always OK. Now, may you post your ExecuteAsync code again? Make sure it compiles first. When declaring variables, try use the "var" keyword. Thanks!
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 21:40pm View    
I might cover that in my future articles. It's a big job to create abstract syntax trees for SQL. Linq while good doesn't support INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE. For a small project & in a small company, you're already doing a very good job. In a big company, you'll have DBA's writing stored procedures for you. You just have to call.
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May you update your code?
Code Fan 1-Aug-21 15:54pm View    
You mean it doesn't care about the To field you set? It always sends to your dummy account no matter what? This is not a code issue. Please involve your IT to investigate your mail server setup.