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Member 15078716 16-Feb-23 15:32pm View    
The avi must be uncompressed.

"I am playing a very large avi file in my C++ program on a Windows 32 bit system." and I am using "Animate_Open".
Member 15078716 13-Feb-23 8:48am View    
In my resource.h

I can load a bitmap like this, then use it later.

#define IDB_Image1 2003
HBITMAP g_Image1 = LoadBitmap(GetModuleHandle(nullptr), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDB_Image1));

I do not know how to do this with avi or video.

I did not find any HAVI .
I did not find any LoadAVI .
So, how do I tell the program to make the resouce of an avi?

I can do this to define IDR_AVI1
#define IDR_AVI1 9123
Then what?

I tried
HANDLE LoadResource()
In case maybe I could load the avi as a generic file.
But, I did not find sufficient documentation explaining how to use LoadResource() with an avi file.

I think that I am getting close.
In my resource.rc I placed
IDR_AVI1 RCDATA "Very_Large.avi"

That seemed to be close, but it not only added 800+ MB to my exe, but it now does not play at all. Both are unwanted. I wanted to start the exe, without the avi, then load the avi, then play the avi.
Member 15078716 13-Feb-23 6:46am View    
874,825 KB
Duration 0:00:24
40 frames/second
972 frames in BMP format
24 bit

Thank you for drawing my attention to that.

I am now looking at my Page File Usage in case that might help to explain what is happening.

My Page File Usage remains steady within a variation of 1 up or down.
Member 15078716 16-Sep-22 5:15am View    
For your answer:
WordPad showed "h" and that is all.
NotePad game me a bunch of ascii characters for the こんにちは.
You tried, rather than telling me how stupid I am, so I accepted your answer.

It is ok. You tried.

Thank you.
Member 15078716 27-Jul-22 23:52pm View    
Richard ! You should know better than that by now. Shame on you for even thinking such a thing. You still get accepted and a 5 on the other page.