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Member 14890678 2-Nov-22 7:11am View    
But I don't want to go one by one removing what VS puts. I don't want it to put any "using".
Member 14890678 2-Nov-22 2:59am View    
I mean that, suddenly, all the .cs include several using that I have not put. If I remove them VS puts them back. I do not want them.
Member 14890678 22-Jul-22 8:22am View    
I haven't found a single standard function library in C#. And that's not what I asked.
Member 14890678 8-Jan-22 1:25am View    
If I use a thread in the Fcn_AppConexionesSelectedIndexChanged () function of the long-term process, it ends immediately and the second Callback begins, but then the <dx: aspxnavbar="" id="Form_NavBar"> control It does not actualize.
Member 14890678 13-Nov-21 22:45pm View    
I have added using System.Linq and I get the same error.