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Comments by Muthu vj (Top 7 by date)

Muthu vj 3-Aug-22 6:21am View    
thank you yes DLL version and Oracle provider Version has mismatched now i have resolved.
Muthu vj 16-Jan-22 4:18am View    
thank you got some ideas
Muthu vj 16-Jan-22 3:55am View    
SELECT * FROM ProfitSubmitDetails WHERE STR_TO_DATE(Date, '%d/%m/%Y') BETWEEN '2022-01-11' AND '2022-01-16'

i have tried this also
Muthu vj 16-Jan-22 3:50am View    
select * from ProfitSubmitDetails
where date between Date(now(),INTERVAL 1 WEEK) and now();

Date(string) SaleCatagory(string) Profit(string) Expense(string) Comment(string)

this is the Column name with Type
Muthu vj 29-Apr-21 12:21pm View    
thank you i got it