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Comments by folza (Top 23 by date)

folza 20-Jul-23 8:04am View    
The same error setMyState is not a function. For something the rendering to the {children} does not get the following functions like in this line:
<productsmy products3="{products3}" mystate="{myState}" setmystate="{setMyState}/"> Do you know a proficient React developer who can help?
folza 20-Jul-23 6:43am View    
I want to use the ProductsMy render to the {children} because there will be other components instead of that. Your solution is what I said if I uncomment the ProductsMy component in the States2 component. And that is not a good solution for me. Please delete your solution.
folza 21-Jun-23 8:36am View    
But when I use it without NavLink-s and {children} it works.
folza 8-Feb-23 8:58am View    
The problem is solved. I had to set the default value to an empty string. ""
folza 25-Jan-23 9:30am View    
Is anybody a simpler solution?