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Member 14779968 6-Aug-20 2:17am View    
Yes I did. I get all the keys and values in copyOfResponseJson. I get this..
[0] {[groups, null]}
[1] {[data, Count = 100]}
[2] {[total, 110]}
Member 14779968 6-Aug-20 1:51am View    
Hi Sandeep sure. I have updated the question and included the DeserializeToDictionaryOrList method
Member 14779968 5-Aug-20 14:01pm View    
Hello Richard, thanks for your response.. I have updated question with one of the Json I was working with.. Please have a look.
Member 14779968 5-Aug-20 13:57pm View    
Hello Garth thank you for your response.. I had updated the question and added the json I was working with..
Member 14779968 20-Jul-20 12:12pm View    
Thank you so much for providing the documentation. :)