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Comments by lacir (Top 5 by date)

lacir 30-Mar-20 10:12am View    
Ok I checked with Spy++ visual studio, it has correct size, the problem is with GetClientRect(), before I was using Spy++ implementation from this site and it shows incorrectly.
lacir 30-Mar-20 10:00am View    
Both returns same 480x372 size, just
GetWindowRect returns without positional shift, coordinates LT differs from 0 {LT(95, 310) RB(575, 682) [480 x 372]}
lacir 30-Mar-20 9:51am View    
Deleted here is painted
lacir 30-Mar-20 9:43am View    
real dimensions are 600x465
GetClientRect() returns in debugger {LT(0, 0) RB(480, 372) [480 x 372]}
ClientToScreen(hwnd, reinterpret_cast<point*>(&wr.left)); {{LT(72, 0) RB(480, 372) [408 x 372]}}
ClientToScreen(hwnd, reinterpret_cast<point*>(&wr.right)); {LT(72, 0) RB(552, 372) [480 x 372]}
but the area is still smaller 480 x 372 with no regards to ClientToScreen() its given by GetClientRect
lacir 29-Mar-20 13:14pm View    
Window handle is correct, even Spy++ from visual studio is showing smaller
area after I am dragging on window. Everything uses this GetWindowRect.