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Comments by MinYoung Lee (Top 17 by date)

MinYoung Lee 3-Aug-17 23:01pm View    
Yes, I totally agree with you. I spent a lot of time to fix this problem yesterday and I finally found out what was wrong with my code. It was exactly what you are saying. All I need to do was just check if my pointer was pointing the right value or not.
MinYoung Lee 3-Aug-17 11:40am View    
Yes, Dave Kreskowiak you are right. So I am considering to set the range of kernel memory to see if it is valid or has accessible values. I am new to this kernel programming, feel really challenging but interesting.
MinYoung Lee 3-Aug-17 10:45am View    
Yeah, I have to.. I'm still trying to figure out and I forgot to mention what OS, language I am using. C++, Windows7 they are.
MinYoung Lee 1-Aug-17 10:59am View    
It works well. Due to the lack of knowledge of 'pointer', I was struggling. Thank you so much, Jochen Arndt!!
MinYoung Lee 1-Aug-17 7:40am View    
I agree with you.:)