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Comments by Andre Oosthuizen (Top 200 by date)

Andre Oosthuizen yesterday View    
Please show the code of your Controller class as it seems that the calls made in your code above does not match the functions in your class.
Andre Oosthuizen 5 days ago View    
You have answered your own question - 'some part or some elements not working properly in smaller screens' which lets me to believe that you have no resizing code in your css files. When stuck, go back to basics and always design for mobile first - Responsive Web Design - Media Queries[^]
Andre Oosthuizen 5 days ago View    
You can try to add a margin between each table using
table {
  border: 1px solid black;
  margin-bottom: 1em; /* Adjust the margin between tables */
in your style block.
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Jun-23 15:48pm View    
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Jun-23 6:29am View    
Non-static member functions can only be called on an instance of the class - Static Member Functions[^] - whereas static member functions are associated with the class itself and can be called without an instance.

Based on whether LeggiFileXMLDiScarico() depends on instance-specific data or not, you can create an instance of the CSc class or you can make LeggiFileXMLDiScarico() a static member function.

Static member functions[^]