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Member 12692000 13-May-23 12:54pm View    
I want to add this feature in my app.
Member 12692000 4-May-23 3:47am View    
Member 12692000 4-May-23 3:29am View    
But I'm getting tons of errors starting frompublic object Convert(object []? values...
Member 12692000 4-May-23 1:47am View    
I wish I could test your update 2 as it is exactly what I was looking for but I am unable to as I'm running c#5.0 unfortunately.
Member 12692000 3-May-23 11:23am View    
So you're saying that doing an AND operation like that where both bindings value must be 0 to set the Visibility it is not possible using DataTrigger?