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Josh_0101 15-Sep-22 3:43am View    
What if the condition not allow to create an unique function? Means that back to the question itself. Is it possible to deal with the known address in string and convert to a class pointer?
Josh_0101 22-Aug-22 21:22pm View    
Hi. The address will be write into a .txt file by main1() and read by main2(). The part that I can't make it is using the string get from .txt file, convert the string to a class pointer.

May I know how to pass the address through a function call? Is it just a unique function that we purposely to pass the address only?
Josh_0101 22-Aug-22 10:14am View    
I got error: invalid conversion from ‘long int’ to ‘int*’ :(
Josh_0101 22-Aug-22 10:08am View    
Hi, the main1() compiled in a .dll while the main2() compiled in another .dll and in the end they are running in the same application. It's considered as within the same program(process), right? If yes, how can I achieve this part? ptr_a = 0x7ffee96f6d3c; Thanks.
Josh_0101 22-Aug-22 9:19am View    
Hi. For main1() it can be run but for main2() it's just to illustrate the concept and the expected outcome.