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Comments by cdkisa (Top 5 by date)

cdkisa 27-Oct-11 21:28pm View    
your statement/question does not make any sense at all...
cdkisa 27-Oct-11 21:26pm View    
perhaps it is a permission issue rather than a link issue. for example, does the website hosting process have the appropriate permissions?
cdkisa 27-Oct-11 21:21pm View    
show some code please
cdkisa 27-Oct-11 21:09pm View    
do the two datatables have the same columns and you are just trying to merge the data? or, are you trying add the columns and data from one datatable to the other? you need to clarify what you are trying to do.
cdkisa 27-Oct-11 21:02pm View    
posting some of the code would surely help...