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Comments by Javier Luis Lopez (Top 29 by date)

Javier Luis Lopez 3-Aug-18 11:02am View    
Thank you Jochen, that was a version problem that I could not trace
Javier Luis Lopez 7-Nov-17 9:01am View    
I tested point 2.
How is better to flush the cout?
1. By make cout<<endl; //not worked for me always
2. cout<<"Dataout=..."<<flush;
3. Making fflush(stdout); just before ending the function
Javier Luis Lopez 7-Nov-17 8:56am View    
Because printf and cout are very slow in windows, as can be seen here: as said CPallini
Javier Luis Lopez 11-Oct-17 2:33am View    
The problem is not only the resolution but also to avoid error in a multiplatform sw using something like:
#define CLOCK system_clock
#define CLOCK high_resolution_clock
Javier Luis Lopez 10-Oct-17 7:06am View    
In my computer microseconds=0 when using system_clock.

Is usually available the high_resolution_clock in x64 systems?
How to check if the high_resolution_clock is available in order to use a #define to use one or another without generate an error?