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11917640 Member 19-Mar-24 0:58am View    
Cannot open 'libtiff.lib' - what is exact message? File is not found, or not recognized as valid lib file? To handle "File not found" situation, provide the full name (including path) in Additional linker dependencies. Does it work now? Then you need to understand, what is current build directory - probably not what you think. Finally, remove full path from the lib, and use "Additional library directories" to help the linker to find this library.
11917640 Member 18-Mar-24 10:24am View    
Compare compiler command lines in two projects. You can find command lines in the log files, see Debug/Release project subdirectories. Another way to get more information about project build process is "Project build verbosity", you can find it in Tools - Options - Project and Solutions - Build and Run.
11917640 Member 25-Oct-23 4:39am View    
Maybe this: Spire::Pdf::Graphics::PdfRGBColor color(0, 175, 178);
11917640 Member 25-Oct-23 4:33am View    
PdfRGBColor is structure and not class. Maybe, some other C++/CLI syntax is needed. Try to find similar working C++/CLI code, when structure is used as parameter.
11917640 Member 22-Oct-23 5:10am View    
So, you see several precompiler constants: _AMD64_, _X86_ ... _ARM64_ Which one of them matches your target architecture? Does the project contain this definition? How is the project created? If you create minimal "Hello world" application, using Application Wizard, for the same target, is it compiled?