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honey the codewitch 3-Apr-24 5:59am View    
honey the codewitch 3-Apr-24 5:23am View    
The problem with React (and maybe I'm wrong) is it requires server side. I need strict HTML/CSS/JS. That means no typescript, no server transformations, etc.

I might be stuck with JQuery.
honey the codewitch 8-Feb-24 15:07pm View    
for the record, it wasn't me that downvoted you. I haven't voted on any of the solutions.
honey the codewitch 8-Feb-24 11:22am View    
That's where i'm at right now, but I can't shake the feeling of being on borrowed time.
honey the codewitch 8-Feb-24 9:21am View    
Thank you. That gives me plenty of food for thought.