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Comments by Mallesh Shantagiri (Top 12 by date)

Mallesh Shantagiri 12-May-17 8:41am View    
thank you @Ralf meier
Mallesh Shantagiri 9-May-17 5:28am View    
@Ralf Meier , In my above code , int j and int K are the location of picture box , by keeping j as constant and increasing K value , i can create one column of rectangles on top of image(picture box image), Now i need a logic to draw the rectangles which should cover whole picture box based on size of picture box ( using graphics in c#), .for example picture box width 600 and height 400 , i want to draw 24 rectangles on it , how can i do that . ( picture box receives live images as input) . i hope you got my problem , its very simple , i just need a for loop to draw rectangles in it , but i'm not getting how to write that logic.
Mallesh Shantagiri 9-May-17 3:16am View    
i have drawn one column of rectangles , just by keeping image x axis as constant and Y axis as increment with total height/4 , but now i want to do that for the whole image.
Mallesh Shantagiri 9-May-17 3:08am View    
Yes , i want those rectangles will be the part of image . On top of the image size .
Mallesh Shantagiri 9-May-17 2:09am View    
i just want those on top of image , those should be in order.