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Comments by GKP1992 (Top 156 by date)

GKP1992 16-Nov-23 0:49am View    
If you read the error it explains why this happens. And at the end it says what to try. Have you tried doing that instead of reinstalling everything else?
GKP1992 6-Nov-23 23:57pm View    
This looks like homework. Google DSA with JAVA and you will find resources that can teach you how to write code. Other than that doing things yourself is the best way to learn coding. Also, no one here will help you with homework.
GKP1992 26-Apr-23 4:03am View    
He could just be that dense.
GKP1992 26-Apr-23 4:02am View    
You should refer to C# manual about how an if-else block works and what it can be used for. Try to see if it can be applied to your problem.
GKP1992 24-Mar-23 7:37am View    
Thats a nifty solution.