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Member 10943256 7-Jul-20 8:44am View    
Perfect! Thank you
Member 10943256 13-Dec-19 9:54am View    
Thanks for the explaination.
Regarding to the first paragraph in your comment, can u please tell what should i do to solve it?
Member 10943256 13-Dec-19 4:13am View    
@OriginalGriff: Thanks for helping again.
i did what you mentioned, and now it works again like before.i mean when i made a setup file and installed it, with double clicking on shortcut, nothing will happend!
Could you please tell what i missed?

1)My code in App.config is like below:

<supportedruntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1">


<add name="connection_string" providername="System.Data.sqlclient" connectionstring="Data Source=C:\\Users\\MYUSER\\Desktop\\simpleDatabase8 SQLite - Copy\\simpleDatabase7\\bin\\Debug\\sqliteDB.db3;Version=3">

2) And i wrote like it in my Form:
static string conn_string = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["connection_string"].ConnectionString;
public static SQLiteConnection con = new SQLiteConnection(conn_string);
Member 10943256 12-Dec-19 11:35am View    
Thanks Richard and also thanks @OriginalGriff.
i added the SQLite into sql connection but the connection String is still the same as address of the file location. but if i understood correctly, you meant i should change it(not to be in C/desktop...), yes?
2) and still it doesnt work after i installed it.(like before. i just click on shortcut and nothing happend)
Member 10943256 12-Dec-19 10:51am View    
Thanks. i edited it.
about solving my main problem to run the software after installing, could you please guide me more?
I dont know how should i find the address of my configuration file to fix the problem.