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shiva sanika 23-Mar-17 22:41pm View    
Tried interop if i got huge data the application was crashed.
shiva sanika 23-Mar-17 22:38pm View    
I have a IEnumerable List right now and need to export the data to EXCEL.


Instead of adding datatable object to workbook is there any way to add listobject to it by using ClosedXML ? Or any other plugin ?
shiva sanika 23-Mar-17 22:24pm View    
Hi Karthik :

Is there any best way to do with IEnumerbale list data ? Without converting it to DataTable ?
shiva sanika 6-Oct-15 21:52pm View    
Abhinav S : Yes i changed my request to POST it is working fine for me.
But what if i want to call that from jquery ?
may i know how to do encryption and decryption of URL parameter when i click action link ?
shiva sanika 6-Oct-15 1:51am View    
@using (Html.BeginForm("UserDetails", "Admin", FormMethod.Post,
new { @id = "frm1", @class = "customeForm" }))

@Html.DisplayFor(X => item.Name)
<input type="hidden" name="CoworkerId" id="CoworkerId" value="@item.CoWorkerId" />