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Eddy Sels 18-Sep-15 3:41am View    
Well, you are not listening too. I know how to connect to Access and how to read records. The thing is that with ADO.NET you only get the filename of an attachment and not the actual data. I'm looking for a way to read the actual attachment data.
So if you can't help me its ok, but don't keep sending me information beside the point or information I already know.
Eddy Sels 17-Sep-15 16:27pm View    
You're clearly not a fan of DAO, but it is the only way to read attachments from within Access. I thought it would work from outside Acces too. Remember I'm coding in Infopath. I still don't know how to read an Access attachment from outside Access, be it ADO or I know how to connect to Access and read records. I don't know how to read attachments.
Can you answer this?
Eddy Sels 17-Sep-15 10:31am View    
can I read an attachment with ADO? Don't think so
Eddy Sels 3-Feb-15 11:06am View    
ok, found he wcf data service 5.6 tool and installed it. Now I have it in the list.
Eddy Sels 3-Feb-15 10:21am View    
thanks for a quick reply, but again I get stuck with following:

To create the data service

1.On the menu bar, choose Project, Add New Item.

2.In the Add New Item dialog box, choose the Web node, and then choose the WCF Data Service 5.6 item.

the options available to me (VS2013 Express) are : WCF Service, WCF Service (Ajax enabled) and Web Service (ASMX)
the WCF Data Service 5.6 is not in my list and is not available in NuGet. Has it been renamed or is it available somewhere else or as the "Express" something to do with it??