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Choroid 5-Apr-23 11:53am View    
Richard Thanks I was so happy when it worked I posted my code in haste
I have since gone back and cleaned up a few things and decided to use list.Count as you suggested.
Also noticed I was making a call to the Class Library three times when I only need one call
Really Appreciate the comment
Choroid 29-Mar-23 11:59am View    
Graeme_Grant Thanks for the time you spent on this answer it is HUGE
I need to expand my knowledge on Classes & Interfaces as well working with obj relation mapping
Need to fix VS every time I create something it makes it Private ?
I try to use camelCase but bad habits when creating test projects I just use odd naming
Choroid 21-Mar-23 13:44pm View    
Griff agreed it does nothing I found the code on CP and just copied it without knowing how it works
Lots to learn still looking for a good FREE book or a course that covers a wide range of topics
Tutorials Teacher has been the best site Thanks
Choroid 20-Mar-23 15:54pm View    
Griff Great it Works! As long as I only want one record and I do not close the app.
I added a UserData Class with additional line of code public UserData() {} in the frmSelect.
The issue is the ID is not being transferred to frmADE and as of now I have a nullpointer in the Class Library when I try to readData. I think the issue is because when I first built this I had the DB in the Class Library ONLY and when I added it the error was sqlite interop dll not found.
I deleted SQLite and reinstalled NuGet then wanted it installed inboth Projects.
If I detach the Class Library and put SQLite in this project only that might work
BUT the issue is the frmSelect loads the DataGridView and I do not know how to populate the
DGV Rows in another form or Class Library so until I can solve that putting the DB in the
Class Library project will not work. The time you spent on this answer is GREATLY appreciated
My best wished to you and herself. Consolation I learned how to construct UserData Class yea
Choroid 16-Mar-23 14:25pm View    
Graeme_Grant It has been a bit of a slog I switched to Class Library and made a project to change the text in a textbox on a form added to the Class Library Project it works AND Learning was valuable
NOW to put the SQLite methods in the Class Library I have been reading and not sure if the instances of the SQLite in the Main Project will be utilized by the Class Library Project ? Thanks for the help