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Choroid 9-Jul-24 14:19pm View    
To Dave & Richard I had a update 7/9/2024 to Firefox current ver 115.13 ESR
While I was reading a post in the Lounge that linked to a YouTube video I opened
the video and it played no issues. I use Firefox to connect to CP
So I edited my app that loads & plays YouTube videos to use firefox.exe
NO ISSUES with limited testing so far. Sure Google will try to bypass what ever
mozilla firefox did to fix this issue. Battle of the Browsers how Boring !
Choroid 9-Jul-24 12:47pm View    
Richard I think this Answer is for my other Question which you answered
I am still working on deleting files and not sure I should do that without understanding what happens if all the files are deleted only need to delete the ones that start with the letter "f" Work in Progress
Choroid 9-Jul-24 12:30pm View    
Chrome starts in a size window that is NOT maximized
NOT really minimized SO thanks for the comment
See Richard Deeming Solution working with command line switches
whole new syntax. I guess it is like another language
Choroid 9-Jul-24 12:24pm View    
Richard thanks so much this solved the issue
The sad thing is I did see that site you suggested but it is overwhelming my bad
The code structure is interesting double -- at the start and one - for subsequent commands here is my fix
Process.Start("chrome.exe", "-maximized --incognito " & webPAGE)
The Using process code was removed Great now only one line of code
Thanks one more time Richard
Choroid 8-Jul-24 13:54pm View    
Richard I will only annoy me! I tried to use this code to launch Chrome in incognito mode BIG Fail any thoughts ?
Process.Start("Chrome.exe" + " --incognito", webPAGE)
I opened Developer Tools and see 10 errors a lot of web page code not seeing the exact errors highlighted will explore further Thanks for the Reply