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Comments by Jan Bakker (Top 29 by date)

Jan Bakker 1-Jul-15 9:13am View    
Have you considered System.Windows.Documents (FixedDocument and FixedPage)
It's free and easy to use.
Just add your usercontrols to a fixed page and you are ready.

I have examples if you need any.
Jan Bakker 1-Jul-15 9:01am View    
in your custom control,
Put a
Catch (Exception ex)
in your constructor or/and loaded event.
(Put a breakpoint in the Catch)
Jan Bakker 10-Apr-15 4:14am View    
Are you using wpf or winform?
If you are using wpf, it's fairly easy to do.
Jan Bakker 26-Mar-15 10:12am View    
Yes, but the management tool makes it very quick and easy.
If you want to use code, check this:
Jan Bakker 26-Mar-15 9:44am View    
SQL server management studio has a function to backup your database to a file.
On the server, use the same tool to restore that backup.

Right mouse click on your database, task, backup.
Right mouse click databses, restore database