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Member 10170389 8-Oct-13 3:14am View    
Sir,instead of testimage.jpg,there i needed the dynamic path of the image..
In my project Iam uploading the file on images folder..<img src="~/images/......" />,i need to acess the name of the image
Member 10170389 7-Oct-13 6:52am View    
My problem is i gave the filename in src attribute,like this..$('<div><img src="abc.jpg"/></div>')
When the end user clicks on upload button the image selected one will save in uploads folder .., i need that path in src attribute or what can i do to solve that problem,And moreover iam storing that image in session variable .please help me sir...
Member 10170389 7-Oct-13 3:03am View    
Sir ,Again Iam getting the Error i.e..Parameter is not valid at line 94 ... 96
Member 10170389 7-Oct-13 2:49am View    
Thanks for your answering and Iam new to So please help me sir,Again Iam getteing the error i.e:
Line 94: using (SD.Image OriginalImage = SD.Image.FromFile(img))
Line 95: {
Line 96: using (SD.Bitmap bmp = new SD.Bitmap(X2, Y2))
Line 97: {
Line 98: bmp.SetResolution(OriginalImage.HorizontalResolution, OriginalImage.VerticalResolution);
Member 10170389 4-Oct-13 2:01am View    
I set a default value as zero for all hidden fileds ,though its showing the error i.e parameter is not valid

Line 113: catch (Exception Ex)
Line 114: {
Line 115: throw (Ex);
Line 116: }
Line 117: }
How i can handle that error & Iam new to programming