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Star_Rookie 20-Aug-14 2:58am View    
Well I am also a tad unsure as to exactly what your question is, but as I understand it, you are trying to add a key manually (the foreign key i presume...?) depending on how your stuff looks, it could be resolved by saying "SELECT TOP 1 WHERE foreignKey IS NULL" but I am not sure if this is of any use as I am not sure what you are asking, and the example is just a thought that might get you started? I hope anyways. =)
Star_Rookie 3-Jul-14 0:42am View    
Clearly you do not agree that this is/was a question, however, someone was kind enough to understand what I was having trouble with and helped me solve my problem, as you can see by the fact that it has been solved. I am sorry that you feel I am trying to start a discussion by asking for help on a public site for developers who need help or assistance.
Star_Rookie 2-Jul-14 9:37am View    
CPallini thank you so much. I guess I was over-complicating things! This worked as far as I have tested it. Thank you kindly, I sincerely appreciate the help.
Star_Rookie 2-Jul-14 9:29am View    
I suppose that this question was just me asking for help, is it wrong to post it here where someone might be able to refer me to a site or give me insight that will assist me in solving my problem? I fail to see this as a discussion when it is an issue I am having.
Star_Rookie 19-Jun-14 3:50am View    
Hi José, i have managed to figure out a way around this whole mumble jumble, but your link was most helpful, i really do appreciate the help and think it will be alright to mark this question as resolved as it is kinda resolved now =)